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Electrical Inspecting & Testing 

We all need to have our properties tested periodically, this could be for rental purposes, selling, buying or to resolve problems you are finding. The frequency of testing is suggested at once in every ten years or change of occupancy and five years for rental properties or the letting agents timescale.


How much will this testing cost?

A full EICR report to an average 2-3 bedroom domestic house in Cambridge with an average 6-12 way fuse box costs £240+VAT. Larger houses generally take longer to test and this is reflected in a greater cost. 


How long does the test take?

For the house detailed above, we allow  a maximum of four hours on-site to complete the inspections & testing and also time off-site to complete the six page pdf certificate.

What is not included in the standard four hour testing?

This does not always allow for outbuildings, studios, garages, extensions, further fuse boxes and similar extensions to the electrical system.

House of Multiple occupancy (HMO) are also excluded unless clear access to all rooms and areas is possible.

Fire alarm, emergency lighting and smoke detector db readings.

PAT testing is an additional service that we can carry out for you following the testing at a further cost. 


How we carry out the testing

The power will need to be switched off circuit by circuit and in entirety at intervals during the test period.

Where possible, we will carry out a full inspection & test of all circuits where possible for both dead & live tests.

Please be aware that this will disrupt PC's, routers, security and freezers in your home. Please power down these items for the test period.

What we ask of you

Please assist us if possible, to locate all loads, as these will need to be unplugged or removed. We ask that all light bulbs, white goods, TV's, PC's etc are unplugged. If these are left in circuit, they can give us incorrect test results and could also damage the items.

Please advise us of any equipment vulnerable to testing prior to commencing work, i.e. intruder alarms, PIR sensors, dimmers etc. Some tests can damage these items.

At the end of the test please do check through the house to see that we have plugged all items back in.

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What you can expect from us

We will carry out a thorough impartial test using modern 18th Edition digital test equipment manufactured by Metrel. This equipment is independently verified annually and calibrated then checked monthly in the the office. You will receive a certificate and it consists of five pages plus continuation sheets if required. This report details the circuit designations, protective devices, number of points and measured readings and results. It also details a full observation and recommendations of our findings.

It normally takes up to five working days to process and complete the certificate.

We will endeavour to return faster on application and is dispatched once final payment is received.

Limitations of testing

Within the four hours allowed, we take an initial sample of 10% of sockets, switches & pendants and increase the sample rate if we find problems, this could extend the inspection time & cost, We will contact you at this point before proceeding further and await your order.

Test all circuits except where access is limited or special equipment is required. Such as confined spaces.

We will not test any circuits where high level/special access is required unless with prior arrangement, or move furniture to access switches and sockets. We will only test up to an isolator for items such as ovens and hobs.

We will test all circuits where possible, if unable to locate unknown loads or accessories a LIM (limitation) will be noted and may require further investigation as a further job.

Assume access to all areas and accessories for testing purposes. The test does not include for remedial work. For circuits where it is impractical to remove loads, such as fluorescent lighting, transformers and fans, we will test live and neutral to earth to gain a result. Only test up to a point of isolation and do not remove any appliances or connections.

Other usual BS7671/2019 limitations apply and are available upon request. The certificate is issued on NICEIC/ECA (Electrical Contractors Association) in PDF format and paper on request.

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